We help companies expand internationally while managing their B2C and B2B operations in US. We create scalable, sustainable and global businesses in three essentials steps.


Global Expansion Strategy

We create your GTM (Go To Marketing) Strategy to reduce risks and assist your business with entry into new markets.


Creative Transformation

We re-create a powerful digital shelf for your brand, complete with your brand story, online shop and social m. presence.


Sales & Operation 

We manage your B2C and B2B operations, sales, marketing, warehouse and customer services on a monthly basis.





Our experience in managing global businesses allows companies to avoid the opportunity costs due to common mistakes made by new businesses in digital marketing, branding, logistics, staffing, and operations.




We are passionate about building global brands, telling stories, creating innovative ways of doing business, inspiring our clients with data-driven methods, and generating growth in B2C & B2B commerce.


Gloal Expansion Strategy

In this step we create your GTM- Go To

Marketing Strategy to reduce the risks

and assist your business to enter new



  • Target Markets Research
  • Audience Insights
  • Competitor Analysis
  • Pricing Strategies
  • Tax & Company Restructure
  • Company Registrations
  • Licenses and permits
  • Business bank account
  • Us Mailing address
  • Tax and finance
  • Operation work flow
  • Unique Value Proposition 
  • Go To Marketing Creation



Creative Transformation

In this step, we re-create a powerful digital shelf to stand out online with your brand, branding story, online shop, Social M..


  • Name ,Logo, Tagline Creation
  • Corporate Identity Creation ( Email signature (4), Business card Design (4), Presentation Template (1), Email design (1), Social Media Cover (2), Social Media Post Design (15)
  • Product Packaging Design (1)
  • Box Design: Shipping boxes, shipping bags, paper shopping bag, sticker, thank you card design (1)
  • Website Word press or Shopify ( theme implementation & customization )

Brand Story Creation

  • Creative Brand Story Creation UVP -Unique Value Proposition
  • Tone of voice Creation
  • CTA Creation
  • Slider Slogan Creation
  • Copy Writing
  • Web Content Creation ( Home Page, About us, Contact us )
  • Product Description (3)
  • Service Description ( 3)
  • Web Content Creation ( Home Page, About us, Contact us, CTA )

Social Media Setup

  • Social Media Description Copy writing (3)
  • Social Media Cover Photo Design (3)
  • Monthly National Holidays- Special Day – Campaign Calendar
  • Social Media Visual Creation - (30 post )
  • Post Captcha, hashtag writing (30 post )
  • Auto Posting ( Instagram)



In this step, we monthly manage your B2C and B2B operation, sales, marketing, warehouse,customer service.

B2B Management

  • Creating leads and B2B online and retail market places
  • Listing products on our B2B System
  • Creating Line sheet and Look Book
  • Monitor multiple channels with fast response times
  • Provide proactive customer support
  • Assist with placement of orders, refunds, or exchanges
  • Communication to warehouse, management, technical team, company, and carriers
  • Create loyal customers, managing sessional campaign
  • Sales , inventory reporting

B2C Management

  • Creating B2C Campaign and creation monthly theme
  • Listing products on our B2C System
  • Creating sliders & Social Media Ads
  • Managing PPC, Social Media ads, digital marketing budget
  • Managing Influencer Marketing -Influencer research & segmentation, outreach (10/m)
  • Monitor B2C shop with fast response times
  • Provide proactive customer support
  • Assist with placement of orders, refunds, or exchanges
  • Communication to warehouse, management, technical team, company, and carriers
  • Create loyal customers, managing sessional campaign, email marketing
  • Sales , inventory reporting

Warehouse Management

  • Warehouse/Storage set-up with 1 computer, 1 printer, 1 label printer , internet, 2
  • shelves/ racks, 1 desk, 1 chair, installation and assemble
  • Safely and securely storing of products
  • Training and managing warehouse staff
  • Capturing return labels, unpacking, re-stocking, storing
  • Inventory management -Reporting & Tracking
  • Setting up and adjusting shipping zones and rates
  • Preparing commercial invoices for international sales
  • 1-3-day retail, 2-7-day wholesale order fulfillment
  • Building and maintaining relationship with shipping carriers
  • Forecasting shipping volume and labor demand
  • Scaling operations as the business grows
  • Foreseeing daily inbound and outbound shipments and daily operation
  • Following turnover rates and proactively re-order inventory
  • Handling freight import operations
  • Managing stock outs and over purchase inventory


''We entered U.S. Market with ROAD. They created a strategy for us to go global. Today we sell not only in the U.S. but have branched out  New Zealand, Canada, Australia and UK. ''NOCTURNE

''We are a 10-year old school for self empowerment. ROAD created and e-learning platform for us to carry our business online. Now we have students from all over the world. Being a global company brought us up to the next level.'' YOUNIVERSITY 

We are L'appart PR, a creative fashion PR company based in Paris, Istanbul, Moscow. With 21 years of experience in fashion, we decided to create a B2B multi-label online fashion showroom. For the past 7 years, we have been working with ROAD to rebrand our clients for success in the U.S. market. '' L.I.S


With offices and warehouses in New York, Miami, Austin, Istanbul, London and Paris, we create Scalable, Sustainable and Global Businesses.