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Welcome !

I am so glad you are here. I have been consulting companies and startups to build their sustainable online business.

I am a serial entrepreneur and E -Commerce expert, founder & CEO of the Road Global E- Commerce Agency that helps companies expand internationally.

 I have been consulting companies and startups to build their sustainable online business

 I consult in three major areas , E-branding, E- commerce , and Digital Marketing . More about me

My consulting services includes one zoom call a week for 45 minutes and 15 minutes mail support.








What People Are Saying:

Bashak is a master when it comes to building, marketing and scaling digital and e-commerce businesses. She’s an expert in her field, consistently professional, and extremely fun to work with. My business has made unprecedented progress that wouldn’t have been possible without Bashak and her strategic input, and I continue to become a better founder because of her training, advice and expertise. Let’s keep crushing it!

Neil Jirele

As I was working in my office in Tokyo, I came across Bashak Ilhan who is a business coach living in Texas, on the other side of the globe. It was a time when I needed more than advice. Bashak is a person who has achieved concrete goals in business and knows in detail the path to creating a brand, solving problems, and being successful in business. I am sure she will share her broad knowledge, experience, and network with anyone who reaches out to her, as she has done so generously with me.

Deniz Aygun Benba

Bashak has a very deep knowledge of digital branding & marketing. She also takes a very conscientious approach to her work and and provides excellent strategic advice. She is committed to ensuring her clients are set up for success in the best way possible - I highly recommend working with her!

Hal Smith

I feel so lucky to be able to get help from Bashak on my first startup experience: SansVer. During the process, I learned a lot and enjoyed it. Most importantly, at the end of the process, my project reached a very good level. I'm glad to work with Bashak!

Gaye Ispekter

Bashak Ilhan is one of the greatest visionary E-commerce experts of our time. Whether you have an existing brand that needs to be pampered up or brand new ideas that you have and want to make happen. Basak and her team will be there to help you out to bring you eye-catchy and in-trend proposals with her visionary approach to making your brand star. Working with her was eye-opening for us, not only bringing our retail stores to customers’ attention but our website also getting much more traffic working with her. Definitely recommend working with her, she can deliver all the things you need for your brand.

Yigit Keskin

I have known Bashak for many years in her professional capacity. She was placed in charge of our start-up acceleration program. As an expert, Bashak has led enterprise-wide due diligence processes for each start-up company in our portfolio. She has prepared dan evaluation report, detailing the relative value of their market positions, competitor analysis and financial strength. She applied intelligence-based analytical techniques to provide customized investment solutions. She has transformed companies’ marketing policies, restructured their digital branding marketing strategies and sales techniques, implemented business models for the USA market; implemented revenue models for the USA; and developed sales strategies and financial modeling and valuation for the United States.

Ahu Serter

Bashak, has an amazing way of integrating a heartfelt purpose driven approach to business while at the same time cutting through the nonsense and delivering results. Bashak brings a new way of seeing the world your business will be transformed as she shows you all the ways you can maximize, utilize and capitalize on your business potential.

Steve Comer